Your Guide to the Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Your Guide to the Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi,

Are you thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi or have you already moved there recently? Do you want to know the highest paying jobs there? We made it easy for you! Here is a list of  the high salary jobs in Abu Dhabi, their salary range, and the role of each one:

1. Construction Manager

2. Lawyer/Legal Manager

3. Financial Planning Analyst

4. Management Accountant

5. Developer

6. Gas Operations Manager

7. IT Project Manager

8. Managing Consultant

9. Chief Marketing Manager

 10. Financial Manager

Highest Paying Jobs in bu Dhabi

1. Construction Manager

Are you a Construction Manager who wants to get more exposure in your field? Then Abu Dhabi is the place to go. A Construction Manager comes at the top of the highest paying jobs in Abu Dhabi. The UAE capital has a great number of new construction projects, ranging from residential compounds and malls to schools and universities, which makes the role of construction manager very important there. Your role is to manage various operations within the project. You would also monitor the building project and make sure to meet the deliverables and evaluate the costs. 

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 145,000 
  • Average: AED 242,863
  •  Max.:  AED 519,000

Top Companies 

Construction Manager

Have you been working for years in the legal field in Egypt or Syria and don’t get paid well? Then searching for a vacancy in Abu Dhabi is the best decision. The Legal Manager is one of the most sought-after jobs in Abu Dhabi and a highly paid one at that. Any entity must have this position to monitor their legal issues, offer legal advice, and inform the employees with their rights and obligations. Issuing and revising the contracts are his/her duty as well.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 77,000 
  • Average: AED 303,391 
  • Max.: AED 541,000 

Top Companies 

Lawyer/Legal Manager

3. Financial Planning Analyst

Are you a Financial Planning Analyst and thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi as you want your children to live in a better community? No worries! Any company, bank, or entity must have a financial department. Stating the financial situation after doing quantitative analysis is the Financial Planning Analyst’s role. Furthermore, making financial reports and building financial databases are also his/her responsibility.  

Salary Range

  • Min: AED 36,000 
  • Average: AED 154,972 
  • Max.: AED 519,000 

Top Companies 

Financial Planning Analyst

4. Management Accountant

Do you live in Europe and want to move to an Arab country where Management Accountants get a high salary? Then the answer is Abu Dhabi. The Management Accountant helps in the managerial planning and commercial tasks that need decision making by offering proper financial information.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 118,000 
  • Average: AED 173,636 
  • Max.: AED 212,000 

Top Companies 

Management Accountant

5. Developer

Have you recently graduated from Computer Science or are already working in the field? Are you looking to find a great opportunity? Look no further! Abu Dhabi is a suitable destination for you as it is where this career is prominent and quite highly paid. As a developer, you’re responsible for developing, designing, and implementing new or edited software products.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 9,000 
  • Average: AED 117,035 
  • Max.: AED 216,000

Top Companies 


6. Gas Operations Manager

Are you working as a Gas Operations Manager and looking forward to a better opportunity? You’re in luck! The best oil and gas companies are located in Abu Dhabi, as the Gulf area is known for the presence of oil and gas with large quantities. 

The Gas Operations Manager supports and directs the operations team to ensure delivery is on time. S/he makes sure that all the deadlines are met.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 47,000 
  • Average: AED 245,481 
  • Max.: AED 515,000 

Top Companies 

Gas Operations Manager

7. IT Project Manager

Are you working in the IT management field in the United States or Canada and thinking about moving to a developed Arab country? Abu Dhabi is the one. It is where you’ll find great opportunities with a high salary as an IT Project Manager. 

The role entails the execution of IT strategies. You get to supervise the staff through the research and implementation phases.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 121,000 
  • Average: AED 290,137 
  • Max.: AED 420,000 

Top Companies

IT Project Manager

8. Managing Consultant

Do you work as a Managing Consultant and just decided to move your children to a school in Abu Dhabi? Are you worried about finding your job with a suitable salary? Then you’ll be delighted to know that your position is one of the highest paying salary jobs in Abu Dhabi!

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 203,000 
  • Average: AED 300,000 
  • Max.: AED 690,000 

Top Companies 

Managing Consultant

9. Chief Marketing Manager

Are you a senior marketer who decided to move to Abu Dhabi lately? You made the perfect decision, as Chief Marketing Manager is one of the highest-paid jobs in Abu Dhabi. Your role is to supervise the development of the planning, followed by the implementation of the organization’s marketing and advertising.

Salary Range 

  • Min.: AED 9,000 
  • Average: AED 305,000 
  • Max.: AED 447,000 

Top Companies 

Chief Marketing Manager

10. Financial Manager

Are you experienced in the finance field but don’t feel like you’re getting enough salary in comparison? You will not be facing the same issue in the UAE capital. In Abu Dhabi, Financial Managers are appreciated and get high salaries. 

You will be revising financial reports, monitoring accounts, and arranging financial forecast and activity reports in the entity or company you’re working for.

Salary Range

  • Min.: AED 6,000 
  • Average: AED 211,384 
  • Max.: AED 377,000 

Top Companies 

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