An Adventure at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

An Adventure at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park, When the weather is on point, outdoor activities are always the perfect choice. That is why we are introducing to you one of the best spots to enjoy a day out; it’s Jebel Hafeet Desert Park!

ou will have a very thrilling experience exploring the desert life, away from social media and modern lifestyle. Know more about Jebel Hafeet Desert Park in this article for an ideal break from your daily routine.


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Jebel Hafeet Park Ticket Price

  • For AED 5/person.

Why Jebel Hafeet Desert Park Is a Must-Go Spot

This time we are bringing you an exhilarating seasonal attraction which is Jebel Hafeet Park. It’s located by the notable Jebel Hafeet Mountain where old civilizations did exist! 

Its desert nature provides you a flawless spot to enjoy camping and other adventurous  activities. You’re going to explore historical remains and ancient archaeological treasures; it’s unbelievable! 

Not just that, this outstanding park is the first World Heritage Site to be recognized by UNESCO in the UAE!

We aren’t done; there are more reasons to visit Jebel Hafeet Park, just continue through this article! 

Jebel Hafeet Al Ain Park Timings 

  • The season started on November 1st, 2020, and will continue on until April, 2021
  • Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm all week.

The Cool Campsites at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park 

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park offers you different kinds of camping. They vary according to the amount of services and number of facilities you need. 

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been camping for a while, you will find an ideal setting here. Have a look at the below list to choose the most suitable one for an exceptional camping experience.  

1. Individual Camping 

If it isn’t your first time to camp, then this is a good choice for you. At the individual or basic camping, you’re given just a suitable spot to camp. The equipment, tent, and anything you might need are your task. 

One tip for you is before heading to the park, write a checklist with everything you want, so you don’t forget anything! 

2. Serviced Camping

This one is perfect if it’s your first time to go camping. The park provides you with the bedouin tents to stay in, in addition to a delicious breakfast in the morning! 

Serviced camping is a good idea in case you want to know how your ancestors used to live between the beautiful mountains! 

3. Luxury Camping 

Here comes the luxury camp where you can relish a hotel stay in the middle of the desert; yes it’s real! It’s a five-star service, featuring fully-furnished bubble tents with air-conditioning. 

You’ll go glamping, which means enjoying a glamorous stay while camping! It’s a flawless option no doubt! 

Jebel Hafeet Park Camping Prices 

  • Individual Camping for two adults is AED 100
  • Serviced Camping fortwo adults AED 500
  • Luxury Camping 
    • Price of a bubble tent in Jebel Hafeet Park Hotel for two adults is AED 700 (includes shower and external private room)
    • Price of a Luxury Dome Tent for two adultsis AED 900 (includes internal private room and bathroom with air-conditioner). 

Things to Do in Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

At this unique park boredom is not a possibility; it’s offering you various activities to do and enjoy your time! Whether you like easy or challenging plans, you will find both at Jebel Hafeet Park in Abu Dhabi.  

Let’s see what activities you can do there for a cool trip!

  • Camping Under the Shinning Stars

It goes without saying that camping is the most popular activity at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park. It’s really very interesting; you should try it if you didn’t before. 

You won’t regret it; just call a friend and prepare your bag to have a unique adventurous experience. 

  • Riding a Horse

How about a horse ride for a change? You can enjoy a horse ride between the mountains of Jebel Hafeet Desert Park. It’s so fun to ride with your friends while watching the desert’s beauty closely. 

Such an opportunity isn’t always available, so don’t miss it! 


Horse ride for 15 minutes is for AED 30/person.

  • Riding a Camel

Since you’re here on a break from modern life, then there are no cars, just camels! Yes, you read it right! One of the most interesting and must-try activities in Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is riding camels.  

You will feel very excited and astonished being on the back of such a huge animal. It’s a different experience that you surely will like and enjoy.  


Camel ride for 15 minutes is for AED 30/person.

  • Biking Between the Mountains

Jebel Hafeet Park has specific areas where you can enjoy cycling with your kids or friends. You will love the park’s open areas to run and play freely. 

Just don’t forget to take some refreshing cold juices to drink while biking. 


Bike rental per hour is for AED 25/person.

  • Watching the Sunrise/Sunset 

Nothing beats watching the sunrise and sunset! It’s unbelievable beauty! At Jebel Hafeet Park, it’s the best sunrise and sunset you’ll ever watch while camping! 

Its location away from the city’s pollution makes everything in the sky crystal clear—the sun, moon, and stars. Get your camera ready to take photos of the breathtaking views you’ll see! 

  • Hiking Through the Mountains 

If you want to add more excitement to the trip, then hiking is a good idea. It’s one of the most outstanding things to do at the mountains of Jebel Hafeet Park.

You will be walking between huge mountains in naturally made lanes with the clear sky view; how beautiful! Get ready for new trials for the first time in your life! 


Hiking for one hour is for AED 55/person.

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park Contact Number 

For more information about how to book a camp at Jebel Hafeet National Park, visit their official website or call them. 

  • +971 (0)3 711 8362.

Places like Jebel Hafeet Desert Park shouldn’t be missed; don’t think too much and go enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature! 

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